Dope Boys – Citrus Skunk (1 gram)


Doob Dasher now presents: Citrus Skunk by Dope Boys

This Sativa dominant hybrid is an award-winning descendant of two Skunk phenotypes selected for their tangy lemon traits which are available at GanjaExpress. Citrus Skunk offers an uplifting yet lethargic high. This strain has an intense terpene profile with buds that are enveloped with trichomes and tightly wound crimson hairs. The smoke is very creamy and smooth with an enticing citrusy scent infused with a hint of skunkiness. This strain is apt for the daytime as it has an invigorating and energizing properties, get this strain at Doob Dasher. This hybrid starts with a cerebrally focused high causing bursts of euphoria and a visually stimulating buzz that gradually creates a serene body high without causing sedation. For more great products by Dope Boys visit Doob Dasher.

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