Microdosing Mushrooms Reduces Anxiety and Depression.

Microdosing Mushrooms Reduces Anxiety and Depression.

If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, there is a simple treatment for that. Microdosing mushrooms.  Sky High Exotics the best online dispensary, which provides a variety of mushrooms for different medical issues. You can order them in bulk or get them in pre-calculated doses.

Why should Mushrooms be used?

Before recent years psilocybins were some things known far beyond the realms of medicine due to their hallucinogenic and severe bodily highs. It was something used to calm chronic pain and blur out the physical and mental pain. But with much research and clinical trials, professionals from Sky High Exotics have come to a point where Psilocybins are loaded with health potential if used as Microdosing mushrooms because;

1. Mushrooms use serotonin in the body to regulate normal functions.

2. They are only used for six weeks and take every 4th day in a 3-day cycle. This eliminates the process of tolerance build-up.

3. It requires low doses and maintains a dose where there are no psychoactive elements.

4. This technique provides the benefits of mushrooms and eliminates all the negative effects.

Addressing Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are known as mental health disturbances but can be assumed as symptoms of down regulation or unregulation of serotonin reserve in the body. When serotonin levels are unregulated, the body undergoes anxiety and depression, which, when prolonged, could be aggravated into suicidal attempts. The mushrooms can help regulate the normal levels of serotonin and reverse anxiety and depression.

Unlike other recreational drugs that use dopamine instead for similar effects and do not last long; Psilocybin can have duration longer than 14 -16 hours. A dose of 0.2 – 0.3g every 2 – 3 days can be used to relieve anxiety symptoms and relax the body. For depression, a dose of 5g or above may be effective depending on the severity of the symptoms. For more information on psilocybin products, visit Sky High Exotics


Mushrooms are effective anxiety and depression relievers, and if you are one of the many people, who want to try magic mushrooms, browse out Sky High Exotics right now. All Mushrooms deals are available here at very low prices. So go there and get the best deal.

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