Five tips for a beginner first magic Mushroom trip

Five tips for a beginner first magic Mushroom trip

It is a world of different opinions, and everyone feels violated. When it comes to the world of magic Mushrooms, there is no you or me; it is us! The world of opinions opens up, making the users more accepting as their minds open up. Call it mellow if you will, but it is how humans should be! For the best products, visit Sky High Exotics

There is always a first time for everything, and as a beginner, there are plenty of things you should take into consideration.

Don’t fear it

It is a very important fact that all beginners should know the magic Mushrooms is not addictive. Unlike other abuse drugs such as cocaine and heroin, these shrooms are healthy and do not create dependency.

Tips for Beginners

The world of mushrooms is different from any other therapeutic drug you may use. Here are a few things from Sky High Exotics you need to keep in mind when you decide on taking the psilocybin fungi;

1. The Dosing

Now that you have your mushrooms at hand, depending on the type, fresh or dried, the dosage differs. For dried shrooms, a dose of 1 – 5 mg is sufficient, but for a fresh shroom, a dose of 10mg is good to go.

2. Mental Status

If you think it is the solution for your heartbreak or your problems, it will give you a bad trip that may keep going for days. When you take the shrooms, your mental state should be sound and happy.

3. Be Stocked

Have beverages, water, and snacks in the fridge because as the high takes its path, the hunger kicks in. A bowl of berries, some yogurt, or plain old nacho cheese and chips also helps the ravings settle down.

4. Not Alone

Always have friends around, someone you can rely on to take care of you while you take your trip. Being alone can also be difficult as the intense hallucinations can be scary.

5. No Mixing

Do not mix other synthetic drugs with your dose of mushroom, no matter how little. It always ends up bad.


Having magic Mushrooms from Sky High Exotics easily available is the best thing that can happen to anyone. A leap of faith is all you need, and also keeping an open mind! Get yours today at Sky High Exotics

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