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A high-THC, indica-dominant blend from DoobDasher with lineage tracing back to BC. The buds are big, minty green.

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Also known as GG, or the Original Glue, the Gorilla Glue strain is one of the most potent, powerful strains ever created. Today it is among the most famous strains all over the world and is the winner of many awards, including the High Times World Cannabis Cup for ‘Best Hybrid’ in 2014.As you can probably guess from its name, Gorilla Glue is incredibly sticky and is full of THC trichomes. The strain itself descends from some of the most respected strains in the market, including Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel. The result of this crossing gave us GG, an evenly balanced hybrid, which is loved for its powerful effects and aroma all over the world.

Gorilla Glue THC Content
One of the most potent strains in the market, Gorilla Glue is one of the few perfectly balanced strains available in the market right now. Containing equal amounts of Sativa and Indica content, combined with astoundingly high THC levels – between 27% and 30%, the strain is one of the most potent ones in the entire world.

As a result, GG is hardly ever suitable for novices or new users of weed and instead is a preferred favorite of many heavy, recreational users. At the same time, Gorilla Glue is also a highly useful medicinal strain and can be used to treat a wide number of conditions, including
chronic pain, depression, insomnia, nausea, and muscle spasms.

Gorilla Glue Effects
An evenly balanced hybrid, Gorilla Glue is well-loved in the market for its incredibly powerful effects. As a result of its high THC content, the strain offers its users a head, as well as a body-based high.

The high sets in rather quickly, and begins with a powerful cerebral rush that leaves the user feeling inexplicably happy and hopelessly hazy. This is why you should always use this strain on days you don’t have any urgent tasks coming up.

The head high continues and is quickly accompanied by a deep body buzz, which radiates all over the body and leaves the user completely stoned and hopelessly couch-locked.

Gorilla Glue Appearance
As one of the highest quality strains available in the market, Gorilla Glue has a powerful visual appeal. In fact, it is almost as pleasing to look as it is to smoke.

GG has small rounded buds which have dark, olive green colored leaves with purple undertones and a number of thick orange pistils. However, the most important feature of the bud’s appearance is the fine layer of tiny, white trichome crystals, which give the bud a frosted look and are responsible for its potency and high THC content.

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