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Online Cannabis Dispensary Series: Ganja Express

Online Cannabis Dispensary Series: Ganja Express

Online cannabis dispensaries and mail-order marijuana sites have exploded in popularity for the past 5 years. Consumers who are demanding quality products with doorstep delivery are driving the industry forward. But with this convenient option, the glut of online dispensaries has increased consumer concerns over the safety and reliability of their purchases. The expanding number of online cannabis vendors now available has given customers a bewildering choice of options. This series of articles aims to bring some clarity to the confusion by featuring a well-known online dispensary, Ganja Express formerly known as


Ganja Express is one of the most popular online dispensaries on the web and most online cannabis shoppers have come across it. This article examines this popular site and considers its reputation for reliability, products, and price using these categories:


  • Inventory and selection
  • Deals and Promotions
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • Customer Service

Inventory and selection

Specialize in Flower plus a handful of concentrates. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop that carries CBD creams, edibles, accessories, and more, Ganja Express is not your place but if you’re a connoisseur who loves cannabis flower and concentrates, you’ve come to the right place. Ganja Express carries over 150 strains of cannabis flower, from cheap and cheerful strains to premium, top-shelf bud, and everything in between. Here is a sample of what Ganja Express carries:


Budget Bud Strains

$99/Oz Strains

Green Nukem

OG Wreck

Sativa Special


$109/Oz Strains


Kush Trees



Top Shelf Strains

$220/Oz Strains

Black Dahlia

Blackberry Gelato



Green Cheese

Zeus Thundergod

OG Wreck AAAA+

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Scout Master Kush AAAA+

Grease Monkey


$225/Oz Strains

Blue God

King Louis


Island Pink


Zombie Kush AAAA+

White Kush AAAA+


$240-275/Oz Strains

Holy Grail

Black Tuna AAAA+

Sour Skittles AAAA+

Charlie Sheen AAAA+

Gelato #4


Shatter Options

Bruce Banner

Pineapple Express


Durban Poison

Tom Ford Pink Shatter


As you can see Ganja Express takes their inventory seriously and has something to appeal to first-time users to seasoned customers with options to suit all budgets.


Deals and Promotions

What sets Ganja Express apart from other online dispensaries? Their evergreen “Mix and Match” deals! From the very beginning, Ganja Express has offered its “Buy-more, save-more” deal to all customers.


Here’s a summary:


2 oz – 15% off

3+oz – 35% off

8+oz – 45% off

¾ lb – 10% off

4+ ¼ lb – 15% off

What we like about this Ganja Express promotion is that you’re able to mix and match and choose a number of your favourite strains and the bulk deals whether you prefer buying in larger amounts or if you like teaming up with friends and family to share the order and the generous discounts.

Note: Ganja Express Mix and Match deal is only available on cannabis flowers.


Once you’re done shopping what happens next? This is where some online dispensaries fail, with disorganized and unclear payment options. With Ganja Express payment is straightforward.

Like many Canadian online dispensaries, they only accept Interac email transfer as a form of payment so you can only purchase if you hav an online banking account.

Once you finish placing your order, you will receive an invoice with clear and simple instructions to complete your payment process. If you have any questions, Ganja Express has an email where you can reach out,, you just have to provide your order number.

Ganja Express processes orders within two business days once your interac e-transfer has been received.

Overall, we found that Ganja Express has a clean checkout and payment system that customers will find straightforward and easy to use.


It’s FREE! Because Ganja Express sells in bulk with a minimum order of 1 oz of cannabis flower, they offer free shipping on all orders. This is in line with most other online dispensaries.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service Ganja Express ranks fairly high when it comes to the online dispensary world. You can reach them at a toll-free number 1-800-385-7102 or via email at

We’ve found that their response times are fairly quick, within 20 minutes and their hold times are short!


Overall, considering Ganja Express inventory, deals, payment process, shipping, and customer service, Ganja Express ranks among the top 20 online cannabis dispensaries in Canada today.

We hope this overview helps you to choose the right dispensary for you and your health.

Happy Shopping

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