OG Wreck

OG Wreck

Doob Dasher OG Wreck is a flavorful and skunky herb developed by two outstanding hybrid strains. This plant has a fruity flavour with spices that make things interesting and extra pleasant. This strain is very high in THC and is known to be an effective medical strain.


Ganjaexpress.to OG Wreck is a synthetic combination of OG Kush and Train wreck. OG Wreck is renowned for its mental impact and is intensely focused; making it particularly enjoyable on the days when you have to do lot of things and you need extra motivation to complete these things.

This strain has around 70% Indica effects, but does not feel heavy on the body and does not threaten to lock the sofa. Many of Ganjaexpress.to the best online dispensary users love this OG Wreck strain for its fun and relaxation effects.

OG Wreck has several medicinal qualities and is very helpful in the control of chronic illnesses. Ganjaexpress.to “is one of the secure online marijuana platforms in the era and provides the world’s greatest accessible source of safe and certified cannabis products. Ganjaexpress.to aim to supporting patients at any phase of the journey, Ganjaexpress.to strives to empower and raise the standard of living of patients and clients who wish to be more involved about their health care choices. So if you have any question regarding OG Wreck ask us. We are here to help you and support you for the right choice.


OG Wreck seems to have great fun and pleasant features that make you fall in love with it right from the start. Although OG Wreck is one of the most powerful Indica cannabis, and this bud is inspiring and may enable you to concentrate for a long period of time. This cannabis is perfect for days when you have to stay focused and less stressful.


OG Wreck is very aromatic in existence, and acquaintances should be able to say what kind of strain it is purely because of the fragrance. It’s a particular natty and pine mixture that’s going to work like such a sweet sound on you, leading you to loneliness, feeling muddled and cloudy with earthy and skunky notes.


OG Wreck’s taste is delicious and floral on the inhalation, with such a powerful musky smash. This cannabis will flavour fruitier or like the herbs and spices on the inhalation and exhalation, leaving a sign of lovely skunkiness on the tip of the tongue, soon after the smoke has been released into the air.


OG Wreck is especially valuable as a therapeutic strain and is used by those who are searching for a more natural solution to pharmaceutical medication. This bud is very efficient for stress and depression disorders and helps you to relax and feel calm.

OG wreck used to combat migraines, back aches and muscle strains by many patients. OG Wreck is also strongly inspiring and can be treat for mood disorders such as depression and anxiety treatment.


OG Wreck can motivate you to stay focused for the coming day. OG Wreck is best known for the sense of pleasure and you’re not going to be able to resist his positive energy and power.  So why are you waiting now visit Ganjaexpress.to and buy OG Wreck and feel warm and fuzzy both physically and imaginative.

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