Mob Boss

Mob Boss

In general, one good thing about DoobDasher cannabinoids is that their names could be pretty interesting. Most have names influenced by the presence of their ancestors, although some are stronger and appear to be recognizable. Let us use this unique strain as a reference, called the Mob Boss. The combination of ‘Mob’ and ‘Boss’ is definitely a good one. One might quickly think of a cannabis variety that is incredibly strong with a heavy cerebral or physical high after hearing this word.


However, this strain held to its seemingly strong word. With an enormous impact, it is considered to be extremely strong. This is potentially one of the strains that newcomers can not play without proper safeguards. A hybrid strain that emerged from the crossing of Chemdawg and Tang Tang is the Mob Boss. It was first established in 2009 by California’s Grind house Medicinal Seeds. There is two distinct genetic makeup in the strain that can vary in potency and efficacy. In general, Mob Boss is commonly known for its high productivity and resin output.


The Mob Boss is considered to have a fresh aroma that is soft and pleasant, with an undertone of lime and herb. The lemony odor is, as one would imagine, pleasing to the palate. This strain has several spices that are combined with it. Pleasant, sour, lime, orange, and pine are the most common. Some consumers find it more noxious and skunky, but the spicy flavors become more noticeable after exhalation.


Mob Boss has a high THC content of 18%, but it can even be as high as 24%in certain samples. This awareness should alert us that this strain is, in reality, extremely strong.

You should consider a high head to be strong as a Sativa strain. This effect, however, depends on the strain’s particular phenotype. While a high-quality Mob Boss phenotype can be extremely strong, others can deliver a far lighter buzz.

The mental control of the Mob Boss would cause euphoria, enjoyment and enhance the user’s senses. This might also be a bit psychotic for certain of them, resulting in visual illusions and time dilation. In situations that call for critical analysis and problem-solving (when consumed in controlled doses), the high of the mob boss is said to be helpful.


Not only for its effectiveness but also its vital therapeutic value, the strain of Mob Boss is widespread. This strain is intended to manage joint pain and spasms, inflammation, headaches, and migraines in patients with medical cannabis.


Usually, this strain is very normal for those who are suffering from depression. As the sedative effects relax the body, the intense emotional high that subsides helps mitigate fear and stress. This might indirectly offer relief from the symptoms of PTSD and even PMS. If you are interested in trying this potent strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit DoobDasher, one of the leading online dispensary and order now Mob Boss, and start enjoying its excellent benefits.

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