How cannabis can help with migraines

How cannabis can help with migraines

Doobdasher Cannabis has been recognized as a potential therapeutic choice for numerous medical problems, including migraines. Currently, several trials have demonstrated that cannabis is successful in managing such painful episodes.

The analysis reported in the Journal of Pain in November 2019 suggested that cannabis could minimize migraine and headache by 50%; however, it may boost tolerance; cannabis consumption does not raise headaches or migraines over time. In a comprehensive study published in Neurology in 2019, 88.3 percent of the sample of 279 participants recorded improvements in their headaches following cannabis use. More than half of the patients had a reduction in headaches, and 38.3 percent had an increase in sleep. Fifty percent of people who use prescription medications will be able to decrease their use.

In this post, we explore how cannabis can reduce the effects of migraines, so keep reading.

The role of the endocannabinoid system in migraine

Dr. Jim Polston holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and is CEO of Helius Therapeutics and claims that cannabis helps migraines by the endocannabinoid system.

‘Endocannabinoid pathways are increasingly shown to be able to alleviate migraine pain directly through activating naturally generated cannabinoids or by patient-treated prescribed cannabis,’ Polston said. Cannabis can help reduce the inflammation of the brain-related dura mater tissue and the development of pro-inflammatory compounds that contribute to migraine.

While the research that supports cannabis use in migraine recovery is increasing day by day, a practical explanation of how, how long, and when to take a dose is also required.

Dr. Debra Kimless, MD, Pure Green, states that cannabis may become more effective if signs of impending migraine first come to light. Patients I have been treating with cannabis have had significant success in reducing the occurrence of migraine symptoms and eliminating them, particularly when they can be administered when symptoms first occur, she said.

Cannabis can serve as a preventive mechanism and a remedy for migraines, although migraine causes and effects are complicated.

Migraines have a complex collection of root causes, pathways, and consequences, Polston said. Cannabis can be the ideal migraine cure for many of the problems linked to migraines given its various substances and widespread functions. It is an efficient anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-emetic agent. In addition, Doobdasher CBD is an established anti-anxiety reducer such that it may be useful to control stress-induced migraines.

Regular use of prescription migraine medications is sometimes related to drug dependence. Several research types, including a 2018 study, suggest that cannabis can reduce or substitute dangerous opioids. If you are currently on prescribed migraine medications but see Cannabis as an option, it’s better to speak to a medical weed doctor.

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