Herb Approach- Strains you must try

Herb Approach  brings you a rare and exclusive collection of quality cannabis strains. Now you can choose the bud you exactly need according to your preference. Here’s a list of the top four strains that you can use as a treatment for an illness, get rid of bad feelings, or simply feel the cerebral sedation.

Herb Approach brings you an exceptional collection of must-try strains that will tantalize your taste buds and make you get a high and feel happy at the same time. Here are our best picks:

1- Love Poison#9

Love Poison#9 is a hybrid strain packed with up to 16% to 18% THC. Making you feel energetic and happy, this strain will benefit you in curing depression, fatigue, lack of appetite, stress, and pain. Alongside, Herb Approach tags this one of its best strains because of its unique taste and smell. Dive into the aroma of the flavor and get endorsed in the euphoric sensation.

2- Crystal Coma

Herb Approach is a Sativa strain with high levels of THC, inducing an intense high on its users. The AAAA strain blends Skunk and Cheese, creating a dazzling experience for your mind and body. Physically sedating and cerebrally stimulating, this strain allows its users to get a relaxed, euphoric feeling. With a soothing aroma of lemon and pine and an undertone of cheese, this strain is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

3- Tom Ford

Tom Ford is an Indica strain that lives up to its reputation and Herb Approach feels proud to have this strain on its store. An aesthetically large-sized strain, Tom Ford is a mixture of green and purple with fibers colored light red. As soon as you hit the strain, you feel a cerebral stimulation. The experience of smoking this strain provides you with a euphoric feeling that engages you in feelings of wonder and happiness. If one is looking for a strain that tantalizes your taste buds and gives you a strong stimulation, this is their go-to strain.

4- Permafrost

Permafrost is a Sativa strain highly known for its refreshing pine aroma and a covering coat of crystal trichome that makes it look aesthetically unique. This strain has a balanced effect on the body and the mind. As users increase the intake of this Sativa strain, they start feeling more and more euphoric with a peak in sensory detail. Alongside, this strain is an effective cure for multiple sclerosis, arthritis, asthma, and gastrointestinal disorders. According to Herb Approach, it’s one of the most widely used strains in the market, preferred by experienced and new users.

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