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Women Say Cannabis Makes for Better Orgasms

Would you like to experience more orgasms? A recent research from the Sexual Medicine newspaper from Ganja Express reveals that weed may be the herbal remedy. The research, released on the 1st March, showed that a woman’s chance of a satisfactory orgasm might be improved with the botanical medication before an intimate experience.

This is not the first time when someone proposes weed for sexual wellbeing. Indeed, the usage of cannabis as an herbal remedy in communities across the globe dates back thousands of years.

Previous studies on cannabis and sex have also demonstrated that cannabis is related to sexual pleasure. More than two-thirds of respondents reported improved sexual satisfaction and enjoyment after cannabis usage in one 1984 study. Sixty-seven percent said in an informal survey taken by a columnist that cannabis benefits sex.

Modern weed consumers still have plenty of humorous weed storey’s of getting their sexual experience to the next stage. No systematic research yet before the latter explicitly looked at cannabis sexual encounters among people.

Marijuana promotes the sexual wellbeing of women.

Dr. Becky K. Lynn, the lead investigator in the report, states that her investigation into this phenomenon was motivated after she figured out that some of her patients used weed to enhance their sexual issues.

“I have experienced it being used in people with chronic pain diseases that contribute to uncomfortable intercourse, people who have problems or are unable to achieve orgasm, and women who use it to boost their libido that does not equal the libido of their spouse,” she clarified in her latest interview.

Her research analyzed women ‘s views on how weed impacts their social lives more directly and polled 373 people for 11 months. The findings were compatible with the glamorous reputation of weed. Researchers find that people who have used marijuana before sex are more than twice as likely to have an orgasm that is adequate in their paper ‘The association between marijuana usage before sex and sex function in people.’ Furthermore, most women showed improved sex desire and a decrease in pain during sex.

While these findings usually reflect the chances for people who consume marijuana just before intercourse, researchers noticed that the duration of cannabis consumption might also play a role in sexual pleasure. In reality, those women who consistently used cannabis had a better risk of finding a pleasant orgasm with more than double the probability of pleasure compared with those who seldom used herbs.

Although more research is required to explain thoroughly the processes behind the aphrodisiac properties of cannabis, this study indicates its successful enhancement of the sexual interactions of women. Cannabis from Ganja Express may be the ideal cure if you battle sexual pleasure.

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