THC Distillate: Three amazing Ways to combine it With Your Everyday Foods

THC Distillate: Three amazing Ways to combine it With Your Everyday Foods

If you are looking for a way to use your medicinal marijuana to relieve your symptoms, using Distillates has proven to be far more effective than any other product. The honey/ Amber solution is known for its amazingly high potency and effectiveness. These oils also go well with plenty of foods and beverages. Find them at ganjaexpress

There are online dispensaries by ganjaexpress in Canada that offer a wide collection of cannabis products. Among them Distillates, both CBD and THC are the most promising.

THC Distillates

Cannabis products and strains depend on their cannabinoids, which are THC or CBD. While CBD is more therapeutic and has more medicinal effects, THC, on the other hand, has been held responsible for the mental effects and a full-body high. On a high dosage, the effects are more psychoactive as well.

The THC Distillates are 100% THC and are very potent in their effect. There are plenty of ways to use them but consuming them as edibles has proven to be a more effective way to enhance the high and prolong the duration.

Recipes for Amazing THC Distillates

When it comes to consuming THC, Distillates directly enhance the effect, but the taste is highly bitter and has an aftertaste. To mask these effects, here are a few food fusions from ganjaexpress you can try to make your experience better.

  1. Berry Yogurt

Binding to the fat molecules in the yogurt, these THC distillates work amazingly with berries as it complements the aromatic terpenes. This light and healthy snack is an amazing way to consume your THC dosage.

  1. Hot Chocolate

A blend of sweet and creamy chocolate concoction; Drizzling your THC oil on the hot cup of coco is the best way to enjoy the high and the chocolate. The creaminess always compliments the chocolate due to the binding of fat molecules; it increases the creaminess.

  1. Pasta

A little non-traditional, apart from the gummies, muffins, and cookies; the marinara sauce of the pasta is always a good blend for THC distillates.


Using food and beverages to enjoy THC Distillates is an efficient and easy way to consume your daily dosage. Order your distillates at ganjaexpress today and start enjoying your food highly!

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