Super Strains: – Ganjaexpress super strains you must try right now

What kind of strains do you like? Would you mind being introduced to some amazing super strains? Ganjaexpress has a range of some super strains that will give you a new and enjoyable experience. It is indeed the leading dispensary that makes no compromises on its quality and delivers you with the best. Here are the best super strains that you must give a try to enhance your experience!

Sunset Mac

Sunset MAC from Ganjaexpress is a predominantly Indica Capulator cultivar that can be grown inside and outdoors. Its reactions have been documented as advantageous for pain relief, relaxation, and nighttime relaxation. While utilizing Sunset MAC marijuana strain, several people have said that they felt clear-headed enough to relish time with the family or a great movie.

Strawberries and Cream

All the way from the stores of Ganjaexpress, Strawberries and Cream is a hybrid marijuana strain that is a cross combination of strawberry and Cookies and Cream F2. This balanced hybrid has a sweet fruity strawberry-like taste and a fruity aroma. This strain will leave you with a euphoric high with a happiness rush, and it helps treat chronic pains and dress.

Space Candy

Space Candy from Ganjaexpress is an equally balanced hybrid marijuana strain. As for its flavor, this strain has a sweet flavor of sugary apples, cherries, and oranges alongside a sweet aroma with nutty and earthy hints. Upon consumption, Space candy will leave you in a euphoric sensation with an uplifted mood and relaxation. It treats nausea, pains, insomnia, and stress.

Purple Space Monkey

The Purple Space Monkey is an Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain. It is a combination of Gorilla Glue and Wookie. It possesses a very strong aroma that is a mix of funkiness and sweet lavenders alongside a citrus and sweet lavender taste. This strain gives you a calming head high that is great with treating PTSD, nausea, stress and body pains.


It is never too late to add up to your favorite strains. These ones from Ganjaexpress are not to be missed out on.

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