Medical benefits of Ganjaexpress Indica strains

For different medical purposes, it is better to know which strain would suit you. Such as the Sativa strain of Ganjaexpress is used in different potencies for insomnia or anxiety and even CBD oil, but the same dispensary offers Indica for full-body effects. Indica strains increase the dopamine surge and numb your body.

Biology behind the effect

The Indica strain has more THC levels, and due to the Higher THC levels in this strain, they are potent pain killers and provide a full-body buzz. When it comes to an understanding of the benefits of both THC and CBD effects, it was concluded that CBD on a high level has plenty of therapeutic effects, but on the other hand, THC is therapeutic on lower levels. For this purpose, dose adjustment is better to be done by a professional. Check out Ganjaexpress for all the best indica products

Indica in Treatments

When it comes to fans and even first time users, indica is always everyone’s top pick. Its deep and buzzing effect isolates you and makes you a couch potato is the best for movie night, hanging with friends, or even sleeping. But other than that, Indica is known to help in many medical problems and diseases such as;

  • Treatment of Lupus erythematosus
  • It is used in the treatment of Multiple sclerosis
  • Treatment of Sciatic nerve pain and inflammation
  • It helps in decreasing nausea
  • Helps in treating acute pain
  • It reduces anxiety and its related symptoms
  • Helps reduce and treat insomnia by decreasing REM sleep
  • It is known and used in people suffering from seizures
  • Helps promote appetite

Though it has different receptors in the body and enzymes to help provide the effect, the exact science behind the Indica strain effect is not properly understood.

Why Trust Ganja Express for Indica Strains?

Pain and medical problems are serious things and should not be taken lightly. For that purpose, Ganjaexpress has made it easier for people suffering with incurable medical problems to purchase premium quality and tested marijuana grown specifically for medical purposes.


Having a trustworthy dispensary such as Ganjaexpress is a blessing. Providing 100% organic and premium quality cannabis

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