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Factors that affect your cannabis high

If you question a group of cannabis users what their favourite cannabis strain is, you’ll get a lot of different responses. Many want to be mild and peaceful, some want to be high and heavy, some want to feel it in their bodies, and some want to feel it in their heads. There is a range of variables that can control your particular desires when it comes to weed from Ganja Express, but there are also a number of other factors that can change your height.

By understanding the conditions that can affect the weed high, you can develop more experience with a number of strains and better decide what’s right for you.

Here in this article, we explore some of the reasons that may influence your high experience with cannabis.

Your atmosphere plays an important part and cannot be taken lightly in the impact of your high weed. Often you will have very different sensations if you smoke the same strain on two different days.


Ask yourself next time, what was your attitude and atmosphere like before you smoked? Have you been calm, satisfied, and comfortable? Tense, nervous, or uncomfortable?

No doubt, various situations will impact your high. Before you indulge, it is important to understand your comfort level. Maybe you realize it would get you worried when you reach a stuffy waiting area, or maybe you realize that the safest moment for you to indulge in before the night.

Being conscious of the environment, you will find out what is best for you to train yourself properly for the best weed experience.


For many cannabis consumers, dosage plays an important role in their experience with cannabis, particularly when they ingest a new strain. It’s necessary to start low and slow.

Dosage can potentially be the most significant point in considering what would impact your high. Very little and you can like you shouldn’t even bother; too many and you may go down in the couch waiting for your height to wear off.

If you find this high spot and realize what the comfortable spot is, you will make a difference in cannabis high.


If you have ever questioned your friends whether they smoked while they were young, you may have learned that they liked smoking again in the day, but they cannot handle it now. Although you might have believed that they were uncool once they had young, the fact is, age may have a surprising role in enjoying a high degree of weed from Ganja Express


We all recognize that no two individuals are the same, and the same may be said for a person’s tolerance to Ganja Express cannabis. The age alluded to above influences tolerance as well as other aspects such as the level of intake, body chemistry and how long you have been smoking. It’s essential to know your tolerance because you know how much or how little to consume, particularly if you’re sharing with people who have different tolerances.

At the end of the day, you’re the only one who’s trying to find out what your tolerance is because you can be able to get the high type of cannabis you like or, medical benefit, pleasure, motivation, or something else you want.

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