Hybrid Strains: Four Ganjaexpress Hybrid strain you must try in 2021

Looking for Canada’s #1 online marijuana dispensary? Ganja express has some of the largest cannabis selections to choose from. The variety of marijuana available for medical and recreational purposes makes it a very accessible dispensary with some great prices.Image_Hybrid Strains Four Ganjaexpress Hybrid strain you must try in 2021_DD.jpg

Ganja express products are made of top quality and are well tested, ensuring that you get products that have a rich flavor and are effective. It’s a great dispensary to order your favorite flavors in bulk or match different strains.

Verde Electric

Ganja express sells this flavorful strain at a great price. It has a one-of-a-kind taste due to its mix of Durban Poison, Platinum OG, and Sherbert genes. The effects are light and provide a relaxing feel. Verde Electric is an excellent choice for users looking for pain relief or treating digestive issues.

UK Cheese

This popular hybrid that is available at Ganja express has a powerful yet calming effect. The flavor has a signature musty cheese smell, but it is not overwhelming as it is complemented with scents of berries and spicy cheese. The relaxing effect of UK Cheese on the mind combined with the body’s pain relief has made the product a big sell.

The White

The White is a potent hybrid marijuana strain available at Ganja express that has no discernible odor or taste. It produces a high that is often described as having both body and mind effects. The name of the product comes from the white trichrome buds that resemble sugar. This strain is preferred by those who do not like the potent taste and aroma of other cannabis varieties. Customers can also use this strain to reduce insomnia symptoms.

Purple Voodoo

Purple Voodoo has distinct flowers of purple and red color. The strain has a tangy and fruity sweetness which adds to its purple look. The effects are calming and improve focus. Order this 50/50 hybrid strain of Sativa and indicia from Ganja express now.


Ganja express makes buying weed online easy. It is a safe and secure dispensary that ensures your products are delivered to you in a discreet way.

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