High CBD Products in Canada Today

High-CBD Products in Canada Today

“CBD” from Ganja Express is the most commonly used cannabinoid in cannabis, leading next to “THC,” but its availability in Canada seems limited.

High-CBD products favor their non-toxicity and allow consumers to hold their minds focused while handling discomfort, stress, or other chronic conditions. If you are looking for CBD-strong strains in Canada, use this strain. Their high CBD content and low THC capability renders these strains iconic. North Star CBD

North Star CBD

This AltaVie Sativa-dominant strain is very effective for those who need high CBD. This high CBD strain generates approximately 18 percent CBD and reasonable (0.5 – 0.7 percent) THC. The aromatic scent is a combination of terpenes known to enhance alertness, alpha, and beta-pine. Myrcene and limonene, respectively, are responsible for the earthy tones of fruit with a touch of cloves. This strain is available in soft-gel capsules, which provides a convenient way to use CBD. People who need fast relief during pain, this high CBD strain is the best option and offers quick comfort during pain without getting high.


If you are looking for high CBD strain without THC, then Cannatonic is the ideal choice.

The exceptional high CBD strain developed in BC’s Tantalous Laboratories could peak at 18 percent CBD, while its THC potency is measured as “close to zero.” This strain is very effective for those who need a relaxed mindset during chronic pain.

Its anti-inflammatory properties render this strain very useful for those who require immediate relief for discomfort.


With up to 16% CBD and 2% THC, this Auroran hybrid strain is abundant in terpenes such as beta- and trans-caryophyllene, myrcene, guail alpha-pinene, which emit an earthy taste and mild citrus flavor. This high CBD strain is the best choice for those who need immediate relief during suffering without getting high.


The Sativa-dominant strain of Solei from Aphria and Ganja Express is a variant of the Treasure Island CBD strain that can produce up to 19.5 percent CBD and less than 1.99 percent THC. These Ontario buds are renowned for their rich green color and spicy effects, thanks to natural terpenes such as cariophyllene, myrcene, and pine.

High CBD Oil

If you are looking for a safe ways of monitoring doses all day long, this strain is the best choice for you. This highly effective cannabis oil comprises less than 1.5 mg THC and CBD from 19.5-20.5 mg. A 30 ml container of this substance is equal to 5 g of dried weed and is orally formulated.

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