Ganja Express headband is a perfect hybrid between the two popular strains of cannabis “OG Kush strain and Sour Diesel strain.” This is a very potent strain and has a long-lasting effect, so you definitely can’t do that if you’ve got plans for the day! The headband strain also tastes fantastic, and its parents have many of its main characteristics, lemon, and gasoline.


GanjaExpress Headband is an excellent hybrid between the OG Kush hybrid and Sour Diesel Sativa, two popular marijuana varieties. While the true past of Headband’s roots is not well known, some claim that it was created by Reserva Privada, a Colorado breeder, which has produced many other iconic weed strains.


The fragrance of a headband, above everything, is overwhelmingly intense. The powerful and welcoming scent of lemon stench will quickly fill up and engulf you, whatever room you are in. The lemony smell is easily mixed with the smell of earthiness; the fuel, which may result from its Sour Diesel background, is quite reminiscent of. One to be noted is Headband’s taste profile, exuding an enticing combination of orange, accompanied by cream and vanilla undertones. In addition to the hints of soil and lavender emerging after the initial taste identification, this added sugar renders Headband a delicious one.


This weed is a hybrid cannabis variety, delivering a well-balanced high with a 60 percent indica, 40 percent Sativa ratio. Its THC amounts are high, standing at an incredible 20-27 percent THC, with just a little amount heading a far toward. This pot strain might not necessarily be a one-hit quitter, but even widely seasoned stoners have claimed that its results are long-lasting and require some time to disappear.

A couch lock is triggered by the headband and, therefore, also a loss of creativity; always try to ensure you’re in a relaxed place, so you don’t have to get too far up. Eventually, the high will decrease from relaxing to sedative-like, so be prepared for ensuing sleep. In addition, certain customers are suffering munchies, so make sure you have a refrigerator loaded with all your favorites. Overall, Headband is an option that is well accessible to those looking for a relaxing day or night, watching tv or listening to music.


Mental and physical, the most painful headache and migraine medication is the headband, quickly dissolving stress and discomfort from the temples, which is fitting considering the name of this strain. This weed can also alleviate inflammation due to chronic pain, muscle spasms, discomfort, pain in the body, fatigue, lack of appetite, and sleeping issues.


Mood problems and psychiatric conditions can be minimized by using lower doses, as over-intake of potent cannabinoid strain THC may induce any excessive discomfort or apprehension in those in need of stimulation to soothe the brain. The well-rounded and fun to eat, but the headband also is a perfect medical help. If you are interested in trying this potent strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit Ganja Express, one of the leading online dispensary, and order now Headband and start enjoying its excellent benefits.

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