Garlic Mints

Garlic Mints

Ganja Express Garlic Mints is an aromatic variety with world-class genetics that is commonly used for medicinal and recreational purposes. This significant hybrid indicia strain “70/30” comes with a powerful fragrance that, as it can be quite overwhelming, you might sense and smell from the other room.


Garlic Mints is the prevalent hybrid strain developed by crossbreeding the potent strains of GMO X Animal Mints. Garlic mints, named for their fascinating flavor, are a bud that every Indica lover needs to try in their lives at least once.

This potent strain has a flavor like savory garlic, with a hint of sharp mint! The fragrance is very familiar but intensely aromatic, with intense hints of pungent spices and diesel.


This potent indicia strain is relaxing for both the mind and the body. Garlic Mints will cause you to let go of the stuff your mind consumes and encourage you to concentrate on just feeling relaxed and having fun, particularly in the right kind of company.

This strain will motivate you to be optimistic and concentrate on the good things that are going on with your life. You can find that you sound giggly and elated. There’s going to be a constant feeling of euphoria, smoking Garlic Mint, which will absorb all the fearless thinking throughout the time of the High.

If you remain at a low dose, Garlic Mint is incredibly uplifting, which is expected since it will help you feel very relaxed without getting lethargic or sleepy. The strain would render you sleepy at large doses, making it a great night strain to end your day, particularly if you need help to get better sleep.


Garlic Mint has various therapeutic uses that have made it essential for the medical weed that has been seen. One of the best options for treating chronic and severe depression is this strain, which helps people manage their mental illness and think more rationally.

The strain can also benefit those finding a more relaxing way to cope with their chronic pain, and the efficacy of the strain has been shown by patients, especially when used every day. Garlic Mint has the potential to relieve persistent discomfort, helping their emotions to disintegrate less.


Ganja Express Garlic Mint is often believed to alleviate inflammation and, as a result, can help to relieve chronic pain. This fantastic strain can be used to manage recurrent insomnia and is widely used as an edible to help patients develop a more routine sleep period. Well, if you want to try this strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit Ganja Express, one of the leading online dispensary, and order Garlic Mint and Start now enjoying its fantastic benefits.

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