Ganjaexpress strains you must try now

Do you have a hard time finding reliable online dispensaries with a wide range of strains? Look no further because Ganja express is here to cater to your marijuana needs. If you’ve been having a stressful exam week, or you are upset over some issues going on in your household, you need and deserve a break.

Cali Kush

If you are all for fruity, citrus aroma in your strains, with a hint of coffee in its taste, pulls those brakes because you’ve met your match, Cali Kush is an eye-opener for all those looking for two great blends that keeps you motivated and fresh. If you want to pull an all-nighter for study or recreational purposes, this is the strain for you. It pushes you to do your best work. Cali Kush is brought to you by Ganja express that is very accessible.

Cherry Lime Pie

With producing an amazingly strong and quick high, cherry lime pie smells like cherry. It has a lot of medical benefits associated with it, such as pain relief, relieving body aches, reducing stress levels and tension, and keeping your anxiety level in check. It takes you in a euphoric state of mind where you feel comfortable, productive, heightens your creative sense but simultaneously gives you fits of calming sleep. This is one of the most popular strains found at Ganja express.

El Jefe

With great taste and a strong high, El Jefe, found at Ganjaexpress, is the real deal. It gives you long-lasting relief; that is exactly what you need after a long day. With an earthly lemon taste, it also satisfies your taste buds. It is an all-rounder for all seasons with a potent flavor and smell. With a leafy structure, it gives you an organic taste.

Crockett’s Haze

Here at Ganjaexpress, Crockett’s haze is one of the most popular marijuana strains available. It has citrus yet tropical aroma when you light it up. It gives you a strong buzz but takes over slowly. Its effect is equivalent to taking a pill when you attend a rave party. It goes well with music and parties.


All these Ganja express strains are here to liberate you and show you a good time so don’t hold back; go with the flow.

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