Ganjaexpress Newest strains: – Must try these strains

A newly launched batch of cannabis strains is exactly what every cannabis lover is in wake of. Well, for all such cannabis lovers, it is finally that time! Ganjaexpress has just recently come up with its very new launch of cannabis strains that would leave you asking for more—excited already? Try out these very new strains.

White king Kush

The White King Kush straight from Ganjaexpress online dispensary is a 100% Indica strain. This train is prepared by a cross of OG Kush and grapes. This White King Kush possesses a very tangy grape-like taste with a mix of lavender. This strain will slowly give you a deep relaxation with strong euphoric vibes. This indica derived strain is helpful for insomnia and stress.

3 Bears OG 

This strain from Ganjaexpress is a fine mix of karma’s OG kush, Bear Og, and triangle kush, which is exactly why its name says ‘3’ Bear OG. The 3 Bear Og Kush is an indica derived marijuana strain. As far as the flavor is concerned, this strain has very strong flavored buds that satisfy your taste buds to the utmost level. The Bear OG Kush will leave you feeling hungry and slowly dwelling into a zone of drowsiness.


Gold Leaf is a rare strain, and it is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. If we talk about the flavors, Gold Leaf possesses a citrusy taste with spicy tones that accompany it. Gold leaf is known to give you an uplifted mood and a strong sense of euphoria immediately. If you smoke too much of this strain, you might find yourself surrendered to your couch.

Pink Anxiety

Just as its name suggests, the Pink Anxiety strain has tiny pink hair that pop out from its green buds that are covered in sugar look-alike trichomes. This strain possesses a sweet vanilla flavor with a candy-like aroma. As for its effects, the Pink Anxiety is known for leaving you in a relaxation state followed up with a wave of laughter and a deep euphoric high.


Do not wait any longer. Go get your hands on these newbie’s from Ganjaexpress before they run out of stock.

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