Ganjaexpress cannabis strains every user must try

Do you feel like you’ve found the right crowd to have a good time with? If yes, then you have come to the right place, Ganjaexpress brings to you the best cannabis strains that every user must try.

Lime Violator Kush

If you want to hit the floor then Lime Violator Kush is the right choice for you. Ganjaexpress brings to you the finest and the freshest cannabis strains in the market. It has a strong bud with a strong taste and a strong aroma which gets to your head and sets you free. For users who smoke cannabis frequently, this is the right match for you because it doesn’t just mess around.

LA Confidential

Its aroma does not stay for a long period of time but when it initially hits your nerves, it acts like a soother. It is very popular amongst frequent users who like to have a good time and let loose. It also acts like a tranquilizer so you don’t need to worry about your sleep cycle anymore. It works like magic for your body as it brings about a calming sensation.

Khalifa Kush

The Khalifa Kush cannabis strain brought to you by Ganjaexpress takes you to a euphoric state of mind. It has an extremely high percentage of THC which soothes your mind and soul. It also brings out the party animal in you because it makes you carefree because you rightly deserve it. It does wonders for treating your anxiety issues, managing your stress levels, helping with fatigue, nausea, dizziness and many other health issues. It has a strong lemon aroma with a tinge of pine flavor which makes your day.

Key Lime Pie

Are you feeling low? Say no more, because Ganjaexpress is here to save your day by bringing out this strain called the Key lime pie which is an instant hit. It makes you feel better, elevates your mood, and cures insomnia. It is not commonly found so user’s have a unique experience when they give it a go.


Trust Ganjaexpress for bringing the most amazing choices of strains to choose from. So go with your gut.

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