Ganjaexpress: 4 Cannabis strains every cannabis lover must try once

It is never too late to smoke some cannabis and zone out from the world with a good high. Is your inner cannabis lover asking for some new cannabis? Ganja express is always at your service. Introduce yourself to new and high-quality cannabis from the dispensary. Here are some that you must try for once.


The black gas strain from Ganja express is an Indica dominant hybrid strains which 22% THC levels. This strain has an eye-pleasing frosty appearance with green buds covered in trichomes and gold, orange hairs all over. As the name suggests, black gas has a gassy diesel aroma with hints of pine. This strain gives you a soothing high with body relaxation that helps relieve pain and stress.


With its very eye-cooling appearance of lime green buds covered in trichomes giving it a frosty look, the lollipop strain from Ganja express online dispensary is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain. As for the flavor, it has a sweet flavor, just like its name indicates. This strain is said to give a subtle high with body relaxation alongside a quick mood boost. It can help release stress and pain.


Belonging amongst the most in-demand strains at Ganja express , the darth Vader is a highly Indica-dominant marijuana strain. Its appearance of forest green and purple flowers makes it stand out. This strain has a very sweet yet mild grape flavor. The Dart Vader gives you a moderately high and relaxation followed up by drowsiness which makes it ideal for insomnia.


The chemo strain is a pure Indica strain. This strain possesses a very strong pine and earthy aroma alongside a very natural yet sweet pine flavor with hints of some fluorescence. The pine element in its flavor intensifies as you smoke this strain. With a relatively high THC level, this strain gives you a strong physical high. It can help with the pain that cancer patients have to feel.


These strains from the Ganjaexpress online dispensary can serve some great medical benefits alongside the buzz that they provide. A must-try for all the cannabis lovers; who are in search of something unique.

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