Are you a cannabis lover: Must try these Ganjaexpress newest strains

To all the cannabis lovers out there, are you having a bad day with nothing going according to the plan? Say no more because Ganjaexpress is bringing to you its wide variety of newest strains that will help you stay sharp and relaxed.

Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut Butter Cup, available at Ganjaexpress, is the newest marijuana strain that is very helpful for medical and recreational purposes. It comes with a sweetish, nutty flavor that tops it all. Satisfying your taste buds, along with a good buzz, is what a marijuana strain does. It takes over your mind slowly and gives you sedating effect that is best when you are tired due to the hectic day you’ve had.

Meat the Cookie

A great blend of Cookies and cream, peanut butter and meat breath strains, meat the cookie is the newest marijuana strain available at Ganjaexpress that fulfills its purpose. It not only gives you a sustainable high but also keeps you focused. Like its name, it smells like all its blended strains. It is easily people’s favorite due to its effects, aroma, and its contents.

Black Gas (Bulk)

Having a pine-like aroma, it is a blend that has a sustained high. The effects are pain-relieving and spasm control. Ganjaexpress brings you this marijuana strain that does not contain very high THC levels, but it still is quite effective. Its main focus is to enhance your creative abilities, so it can cure your writer’s block or your artist’s block that pushes you to keep ongoing. The world is your oyster, and you are here to conquer all.


If you are looking for a sweet with a tinge of floral aroma, look no further because Do-Di-Dos are here to save your day. This marijuana strain is not only a treat for your eyes, but it also works like magic for your mind. It comes with a creeping effect that takes over your body in several minutes after you’ve smoked it and comes off with a sedating effect.


In a nutshell, Ganjaexpress brings to you the most exclusive cannabis strains available in your region, so it is your calling.

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