Alcohol is killing more Americans than ever. Here’s how to save them

Perhaps you’re surprised to hear that Opioids drug access is not just one explanation for the deaths of millions of Americans. Current alcohol research has revealed that the incidence of alcohol-related fatalities in the US has grown between 2000 and 2016 and is rising more than ever before. Research reveals that seventy-eight percent of men’s deaths increased from 2000 to 2016, while women’s deaths more than doubled in this period.

These fatalities are not just incidents involving alcohol, like drunk driving accidents. There are deaths directly linked to alcohol devastation alcohol-related pancreatitis, hepatitis, liver failure, and other alcohol-related illnesses.

Harm reduction concept

It is a collection of theories and methods that minimize the damage created by the problematic use of substances. It sometimes means going from a potentially risky to a less hazardous drug and not necessarily abstinent treatment. It can turn from coffee to tea in its mildest form. On the other side: from morphine to methadone.

As we all know, with the legalization of Ganja Express cannabis in the USA and Canada, more people are interested in trying this awesome miracle weed, and the positive news is that it is increasingly playing a role in harm reduction efforts, particularly in the case of alcohol.

In addition, many researchers found that weed might have certain inherent benefits over alcohol. Although there is continuing dialogue about the possible health effects of alcohol, alcohol use outcomes can be harmful, leading to a greater incidence of breast cancer, congenital disabilities, and other health conditions.

On the other hand, marijuana is said to have health benefits that may make it useful in many situations. Cannabis from Ganja Express, for example, is often known to alleviate anxiety, improve appetite, and improve moods. These properties can be beneficial for a person who is suffering from an alcohol addiction disorder.

Another study claims that weed, as compared to alcohol, could be consumed without the possibility of binge mortality. The study also claims that it has less substance interaction than alcohol and can have much less effect on one’s long-term well-being.

Any more research is needed to examine the true advantages of cannabis from Ganja Express as a safe alternative for alcohol. Always remember that Simple Actions contribute to significant progress. Switch from alcohol to hemp could potentially save hundreds of lives.

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