5 weed sale offer from GanjaExpress for every weed lover

There are many sales offers that you can get on GanjaExpress. It has an amazing sale that can be of great use to save money. It makes it easier for weed lovers to buy their favorite one from the sale and enjoy the discount. It saves money as well as the energy of the user if they order from GanjaExpress.

A lot of promotions are going on to GanjaExpress. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Mix and Match

It is the best sale offers that GanjaExpress gives to its customers. It gives you a choice to buy different types of strains in one offer. The discount is applied to your account; if you order 2oz, you can get a 10% discount on your 2oz purchase. If you buy 3oz, you get 15% off with some gifts. There is also an option of 4oz that help you have 20% off with gifts from GanjaExpress.

First Order discount

When you order for the first time from GanjaExpress; it gives you a discount on your purchase. This 10% discount is automatically applied to your purchase as GanjaExpress retains its valuable customers.

Refer a friend

It’s also an offer that GanjaExpress gives to its customers. If you refer this dispensary to your friends, you will get $25 in your account. It’s also a great way to get more weed for you.

Monthly Giveaways

GanjaExpress has some monthly giveaways that can save you money if you are a regular customer. You can get around a $3000 giveaway in a month. It will make you buy your favorite strains from this dispensary.

Weekend Flash Sale

This sale is also a great offer of 20% discount during the weekend. It will be valid on different items, and you will get an additional discount if the item is already on sale. So, these 5 sales offers can help you grab the maximum amount of weed for yourself.

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