3 Preferred Cannabis Strains That Can Help With PTSD From Ganja Express

The human brain is a fragile little organ that can break down with situations that cannot be completely analyzed and absorbed by the brain. It can be death, delivery, or an accident. The term PTSD is an umbrella with plenty of traumatic situations that need counseling and medication to cure. The Canadian online dispensary Ganja express after 45 years of experience has different cannabis strains which are very effective for PTSD patients.

PTSD Induced disorders

Post-traumatic stress disorder is mainly the traces of anxiety, fear, and trauma that the person suffering from relives every day. It makes the person depressed, paranoid, over-thinker and isolates them from their family and friends. To address such a problem, sometimes it is better to target the organ where the negative feelings and sensations are arriving, the brain. Though many strains from Ganja express with potent indica effects numb the body and relax the muscles for the person to relax and socialize easily. It helps them to talk about the problem. Usually, Sativa strains are given for limited cerebral effects maintaining the euphoria and reducing sensitization to negative stimuli.

Offered PTSD strains

Not every strain can be taken for PTSD; at Ganja express you can find many strains which are very helpful for PTSD and Anxiety.

1. (Premium) Gushers

The top of the crop strain with almost 24% THC has very strong body high effects. It helps to relax the muscles, relieving anxiety and depression. It helps the person to relax and socialize easily or go to therapy.

2. Oz – Blue Dream

For people suffering from PTSD that can be categorized as chronic need help with blue dream, which is a little expensive strain and has strong THC effects leading to psychoactive effects. With little dose, it helps people to work on their emotions.

3. Gold Leaf

A balanced strain with 60% indica and 40% Sativa has very potent euphoric effects. It helps the person to relax but has an active mind which is increased by serotonin. The Sativa heritage helps in relieving depression and making the person more happy and creative.


PTSD needs critical care and tending to. The strains offered by Ganja express are available to help such patients and make it easy for them to go about the day.

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