Two easy methods for making great cannabis extracts at home

Two easy methods for making great cannabis extracts at home

Have you recently bought cannabis and are wondering what are some of the ways you could make extracts at home without the need of heavy utensils? If you are in the search of methods to make cannabis extracts, then you have landed to the right article from Distillate Direct as we will be talking about two distinct methods of making extract at home.

Benefits of cannabis extract

Before we dive into the two different types of methods used to prepare cannabis extracts at home, let’s take a look at the benefits of the extract according to Distillate Direct. Some of the most popular benefits of the extract are that it helps you with depression and anxiety. Some researchers have also shown that the use of cannabis extract has caused improvement in people with PTSD and those who suffer from chronic illnesses.

Hash rolling

By far, one of the most common and traditional ways to make cannabis extracts is through rolling it. You can simply take out fresh cannabis and place it on a surface where you can use your rolling pin to crush it down into fine grains. You could also roll it in between your hands until a sticky substance starts to come from the plant. By using a spool or any other metal tool, scrape the sticky substance and pinch it to release the oil. Many people tend to dilute the extract by adding 1 to 2 drops of alcohol ( butane or ethanol ) in it.

Dry ice method

Another intriguing method to prepare cannabis concentrate is through the use of dry ice at home. To start, take your fresh cannabis and place it in between two blocks of dry ice. This will slowly by slowly release the trichomes off of the flower. After you are done with this, then you can scrape the sticky residue and place it in a dark place for a few hours. Through this method, you will be able to get only a few drops of concentrate which can later be used to mix it with solvent to make an extract.

The takeaway

So that is all for the two different types of processes that you could use to prepare concentrate of cannabis flower. Although it may take a few trials and errors, you will eventually get a hold of it and can safely make the extract at home. If you are looking for some fantastic Cannabis extracts products, you should look into Distillate Direct. Distillate Direct is a leading online dispensary known for its high-quality cannabis products. So go ahead and get your desired product straightaway.

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