Sativa strains you must try now

Sativa strains you must try now

If you have been smoking weed for a while now, you can tell the difference between an Indica strain and a Sativa Strains; the buzz and mental stimulation differentiate between the two strains. You can have the full effect only if the strain is of pure and genuine quality that is available at online dispensaries such as DistillateDirect which offer medicinal marijuana for therapeutic use.

Some Strains for You

If you want to switch from indica, here are some great Sativa dominant strains from DistillateDirect you can try.

Cactus Jack (AAAA)

One of the rare Sativa dominant strains is the Cactus jack, which has an uplifting mood effect that slowly creeps up on you, alleviating chronic pain, depression, fatigue, and even anxiety. Even though the cerebral stimulation and body buzz are there, the strain does not leave you sleepy or sedated.

OG Lime Killer (AAAA) – Enigma

With 12-14% of CBD and 8-10% of THC, the medicinal high of this strain encaptures the psychedelic aspect as well. It is an excellent stain for cramps, spasms, migraines, chronic fatigue, and even depression. It has a heavy high with jolts of creativity and energy, which also relaxes the body.

Blue Ice (AAAA)

A jolly old blue ice is good for making you all giggly and happy; it triggers your euphoric side and makes you motivated and filled with all positive energy. It has 20% Indica and a higher level of THC, which gives you a good cerebral high but do not make you lazy. The amazing flavor of this strain also adds up to the experience.

Platinum Cookies (AAA)

Another name this strain goes by s Girl Scout cookie; it is a Sativa dominant and has 18-26% THC, which creeps up like tingling body sensations and amplifies with time. The ratio of sativa to indica is 50-50, but it is still considered Sativa dominant for its medicinal benefits.


The strains are usually crossed to make hybrids for leveling out the THC and CBD and equalizing effects. If you want all the best products to smoke your weed, visit your local DistillateDirect dispensary. Some strains are Indica dominant while some are Sativa Strains; both have their own advantages. To get the best strains, visit DistillateDirect

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