4 Ways to Fix Vaper’s Tongue

4 Ways to Fix Vaper’s Tongue

Don’t be alarmed when you have mild symptoms associated with long-term Vaping. If you are in search of your taste buds, don’t worry about it; they will return. In the war of Vaping vs. Burning weed one of the main issues is the loss of taste sensation in Vaping, which is temporary, and if you have purchased your Vape from an online dispensary such as Distillate Direct, they will explain it all to you beforehand.

The Vapers Tongue

It can be explained as fatigue due to excessive Vaping, as Vaping can cause dehydration. It diminishes the saliva of your taste buds, which is why you cannot taste or smell flavors properly. The condition can be reversed with hydration and wait, but to avoid this condition, it is better to keep changing the flavors of the Vape regularly. Get more information on vaping weed at Distillate Direct

According to Distillate Direct, the condition lasts for 3 days maximum, but if it is prolonged, it can be prolonged to about 1-2 weeks as the normal levels of saliva need to replenish in the taste buds.

Fixing Vaper’s Tongue

When it comes to the vapors’ tongue, there is nothing much to do but wait. But you can also speed up the recovery. In weed burning, there is only one flavor, so the problem is never experience a point to be considered in choosing Vaping vs. Burning weed.

1. Hydrate

Drink plenty of water which will help remove the Vape compounds from the glands and help salvia replenish faster. It would help to add electrolytes and salts once a week to your routine to have balanced electrolyte hydration.

2. Flavor

You can smoke flavorless Vape until your sensations come back to normal. It also helps to change the receptors of tastes on the tongue for better recovery.

3. Coffee Beans

Taste and smell are connected as they are olfactory organs, by smelling coffee beans it can neutralize the senses and help recover from the episode quickly.

4. Mouthwash

Rinsing with mouthwash helps bring saliva back to your tongue quickly; it also removes any particles and compounds on the tongue.


Though the vaper’s tongue is nothing to worry about, users who are new to Vaping may become panicked and try to treat themselves. It is an advantage to note in Vaping vs. Burning weed. Get all the best distillates to vape at Distillate Direct

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