Cataract Kush (Bulk)

Cataract Kush (Bulk)

Nowadays, DoobDasher Weed is known to have positively affected human beings due to their excellent soothing properties. As a consequence, rather a variety of cannabis varieties are granted names that refer to their particular results.


While these are only symbolic interpretations of how the strain briefly affects the body, it successfully attracts a great deal of interest, notably from consumers who are incredibly fond of both the intense psychoactive and heavy body effects of such strains.

A clear example of such varieties is the strain called Cataract Kush. DNA Genetics is credited with the development of Cataract Kush. It was produced with the famous OG Kush, born in California, and the award-winning LA Confidential. It has won numerous High Times Cannabis Cups awards and tends to be one of the most popular strains today.


This potent strain is packed with a maximum THC amount of 24 percent, rendering it one of the most potent strains present on the market. As a result, it is not the best strain choice for novice customers or for beginners with poor THC tolerances.

The strain is 99 percent Indica, so consumers can assume a high form that is very hard on the body. Cataract Kush often gives a considerable euphoria and a relaxed feeling to the brain.

When the dominant Indica high starts, users can experience the intense calm that can successfully cause sedation and sleep. The strain can quickly stimulate laziness, lethargy, and even couch lock at higher doses, particularly when users are over-indulgent to the strain.

Notice that the symptoms of Cataract Kush can begin to build up even after the person ends smoking. Cataract Kush is the perfect evening strain for both leisure and medicinal use thanks to its good sedative effects.


The balance of its dominant Indica quality and potency gives the strain enough strength to alleviate discomfort induced by different health conditions efficiently. This potent indicia strain is the best option for those who need something quick and fast for their useless worries and depression. People who suffer from chronic discomfort find this strain is beneficial for their all kind of pains.


In addition, the sedative effects of DoobDasher Cataract Kush are incredibly helpful for patients with sleeping disorders. Depressive patients can also find consolation in the uplifting impact of the burden. If you are interested in trying this potent strain, then why are you waiting now? Visit, one of the best online dispensary, and order now Cataract Kush and start enjoying its excellent results.

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