Can cannabis help with glaucoma

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Nowadays many people from GanjaExpress ask whether hemp should be used to cure glaucoma instead of eye drops. Glaucoma is an optic nerve illness, the nerve wire that ties the brain with the eye. Glaucoma may cause tremendous loss of sight and even blindness. Many causes of glaucoma coexist with elevated pressure in the eye. No doubt, nowadays, many study trials have shown that marijuana can relieve glaucoma 20 to 30 percent because of its eye pressure relief ability.

The primary aim of an eye specialist in the care of glaucoma is to reduce eye pressure to a reasonable level and avoid the harm induced by elevated pressures. Usually, medication requires injection, radiation therapy, or surgery.

Many people with glaucoma are treated with prescription eye drops that reduce their eye pressure to a degree where glaucoma does not worsen. Sadly, many patients do not handle very well everyday eye drops, and other glaucoma treatments are needed.

Marijuana’s Effect on Glaucoma

As more states move to allow the usage of marijuana for medical usage, this is a popular subject for patients with glaucoma. Several researches have shown that cannabis can reduce eye problem, both in general and in individuals with glaucoma. People who cannot handle traditional glaucoma medicines can use marijuana to lower their eye pressure effectively.

Studies in the 1970s suggest that cannabinoids can reduce symptoms of glaucoma. This 1971 study, for instance, finds that cannabis consumption reduces IOP by 25-30 percent.

The key concern of ophthalmologists is that possible negative consequences especially when consuming weeds can overshadow short-term benefits. For instance, smoking may lead to adverse intraocular pressure, which significantly raises the risk of vision loss.

In addition, because their medicinal impact on glaucoma is short-term, patients may regularly use cannabis every 3-4 hours. Doctors recommend that patients take cannabis six or eight times a day, so glaucoma has to be handled 24 hours a day to reach reliably decreased IOP frequency. Such frequency is impossible to manage and might raise the likelihood of having a condition through cannabis usage.

For a while, we have known that medicinal marijuana is very useful in managing stress and distress, rather than glaucoma, “says ophthalmologist Andrew Bainenson, MD.

Although cannabis is not an appropriate cure for glaucoma, the production of medicines derived from cannabinoids is a promising prospect. And, regardless of whether or not cannabis is appropriate glaucoma, certain individuals swear it as a blessing, although others consider it as an alternative to therapy, although not as the main cure.

If you or someone you know used cannabis safely for glaucoma therapy from GanjaExpress, inform us about your encounter in the comment section.

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