Buy Marijuana Strains and Binge-Watch Your Favorite Classic!

Buy Marijuana Strains and Binge-Watch Your Favorite Classic!

When you’re a cannabis enthusiast, watching a movie while getting stoned is one of life’s memorable pleasures. Depending on your choice of strain – a movie marathon should be mindfully curated. You don’t want to ruin your plan by smoking super heavy Sativa strain and run the risk of feeling paranoid while watching an intense horror movie. We have thoughtfully created the list of movies you  buy marijuana strains We’re good to go!

If you also don’t want to miss out on life’s greatest pleasures, then get up! buy marijuana strains  and get ready for the perfect cannabis-fueled movie marathon! While picking up the strain of your choice, keep in mind mixing and matching things when picking up genre. You don’t have to pull out the stoner movie classics for every hit. From underground cult favorites to bona fide classics, many movies can go right with the carefully picked strain. Let us delete the guesswork for you…

Girl Scout Cookies and The Warrior

Hey Warriors, come out to play! This one doesn’t need a lot of deep thinking. You’ll love to be transported to New York in its early 70’s picturing yourself as one of the members of the warrior team as they fight their way back to Coney Island. Buy marijuana strains like Girl Scout Cookies, sit back on your couch, and enjoy the exceptional sounds, sights, and scenes of Walter Hill’s classic!

Strawberry Cough and Donnie Darko

There’s nothing like enjoying a trippy movie while being equally tripped out yourself. Donnie Darko is the perfect choice for a flick that will make you think without necessarily freaking you out. Strawberry Cough is a high Sativa strain that will get you wondering the mysteries of fate and destiny—and possibly time travel, as well.

Ghost OG and Amelie

Now you must be thinking about this odd choice since Amelie is a French movie. Meaning to understand the film, you have to either speak the language or deal with the subtitles, which is really not the best activity when you’re stoned. That being said, the colorful scenes and whimsical plot will pair well with this intense Indica that you wouldn’t mind to stick to your couch and watch the movie in total bliss.

Kookies and the Matrix

Do you remember the bullet-dodging scene from the Matrix? Watching it again while you’re stoned will take you back to a time when special effects were a game-changer. There’s no better strain than Kookies to pair up with this sci-fi masterpiece. Reach out for this Indica-dominant hybrid, and you’ll be zoned out in no time. Buy marijuana strains and project yourself into the mind of Neo.

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