Death Star

Death Star

BMWO Death Star was a good treat for diesel lovers and those looking for a healthy overall experience. Death Star is an Indica-dominated hybrid cannabis strain and is known for its intensity and appearance. It has a lot more to deliver than just a nice name.


Death Star is known for its aromatic, strong diesel smell, thick, stunning grey trichomes, and high intensity. “Team Death Star,” a shadowy group of Midwestern farmers, established the strain. The strain has hit the East Coast and is known all over the world since then. The Death Star is a perfect hybrid between the famous Sensi Star and the fantastic Sour Diesel. This crossbreeding leads to the fusion of the Indica and Sativa effects of the Death Star, allowing it a good balance. Death Star routinely has THC amounts of around 18% and 20%. The highest test result is 26 percent THC.


This strain might not destroy the world, but it is potent and widespread with all kinds of users. Death Star Effects can start slowly, but once they start, it takes away all the worry and replaces them with relaxed euphoria. This potent strain is suitable for use in the evening or night due to its high body impact.


Death Star has a pungent Earthy scent, many close to that of skunks, and is a strong fragrance. Be mindful that it’s going to be a troublesome little covering of the heavy Death Star odor even though the sticky buds fall; this unmistakable Death Star smell would leave the place. The flavor is primarily diesel with a small kick of citrus. The sweetness changes slightly; waves are coming. If you’re a huge diesel fan, you’ll love Death Star.


Death Star is not only a perfect blend; it will quickly alter the atmosphere. As such, pain, stress, and anxiety will soon dissolve and help people heal from depression.

Patients can also be relieved of intense discomfort after the usage of this potent strain. The anti-inflammatory properties of this Indica are very good for calming muscles and healing the body.


This powerful strain has also been recommended for patients who are suffering from psychiatric disorder. Death Star can also benefit patients who have extreme pain, spasms, joint discomfort, insomnia, and nausea, as well as dizziness.

If you’re interested in trying this potent strain, why are you waiting? Visit BMWO, one of the best online dispensary, and order now Death Star and start experiencing a calming feeling that alleviates anxiety and depression.

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