Banana Split

Banana Split

When you enjoy strains with unusual taste profiles, the Banana Split strain is quite the doob dasher should be a total treat. This is like a banana with notes of both grape and lime.


Skord Marijuana and Crockett Family Genetics have created Banana Split. The outcome is a kind of marijuana that almost sounds like ‘easy meals.’ This is a Sativa-dominant combination, and due to its Tangy genetics, banana split cannabis is suitable for usage throughout the day.


When you give this marijuana a try, assume that the sensory senses may be swarmed by an incredibly fruity scent. The fragrance is a blend of lime fruit, berry sherbet, and grape juice. Banana Split THC rates vary from 22% to 25%, so that users can depend on a strong high at any session.


The Banana Split high comes immediately, but rather than giving you a burst of power, it allows your mind to race while your body remains where it will be. users say that they notice the first ‘hot’ sensation in their back and head until it expands quickly across the majority of the body. In a brief while, the effects should be sedative, so you can usually stay where you’ve been for quite a while.

This is unfortunate because it wasn’t long after the munchies. The easiest way to use Banana Split is to arrange it all earlier. Keep your snacks, pizza, and other drinks within reach before the high end comes to a complete halt.


  • Banana Split is popular in the medical marijuana community to treat conditions such as lack of appetite, sleeplessness, severe pain, and depression.
  • Banana Split is well known to have a strong ‘munchie’ effect. As it often causes a strong lock for the sofa, it would be wise to have food and drink ready.
  • Banana Split is ideal for seasoned patients of depression, fatigue, Adhd, and anxiety, as well as being a mood booster and sedative.


Banana Split cannabis is a beautifully good weed that takes hold over you and rejects to let you go before you are comfortable and happy. So you can use it throughout the day and still work, it’s best to enjoy it at night when you don’t have a job or a task to do. We propose that you enjoy the Banana Split side by side with all your other treats. Yeah, what’s the wait? Keep going purchasing Banana Split from and enjoy the ‘hot’ sensation with your taste buds. makes it convenient to buy weeds online with the best delivery options., the best online dispensary, has a reliable customer support and provides patients with the best possible way to purchase weeds. If you have any concerns regarding any cannabis drug, please contact us, we will be happy to address your query. Welcome to family.

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