5 cannabis strains for people who love chocolate

5 cannabis strains for people who love chocolate

We have wonderful news for you if you love chocolate as much as you admire it: there are tonnes of strains with a cocoa scent or flavor. Some have subtle cacao undertones, and some smell like your chocolate bar!

Chocolate products made from cocoa have become familiar with all kinds of people. Considered an aphrodisiac, discovering someone who doesn’t especially like the taste of chocolate is challenging.

White Choco Haze

Doobdasher White Choco Haze is clear and uplifting and has a positive effect on concentration and energy levels. A great smoke when it comes to creative sports, it’s also an excellent physical workout choice. Composed of White Choco and Mexican Haze parent strains, this strain has a strong Sativa-domain of 80 percent and a fruity melon undertone to balance the chocolate scent.

Choco Bud

Choco Bud is a good strain that is mostly enjoyed by chocolate lovers. We encourage the use of a vaporizer to enjoy the strong chocolate aroma fully. It even intensifies the divine undertones of caramel. Choco Bud’s genetics are almost exclusively Sativa, producing a prolonged, euphoric high that rapidly produces and stimulates waves of cerebral energy. It’s the ultimate smoke of the day. Moreover, medium CBD amounts make this a common strain for those who want to minimize the body to a healthy state.


This multi-award winning strain is excellent in flavor, not to mention power! Quite energetic and brain-high munchies are known to be triggered. It can even be associated with a lovely dark chocolate smell. This potent strain is very common with users who need something refreshing and fast for their sweet cravings and has already won first prizes for its amazingly delicious flavor.

Chocolate mint OG

This ensures that the hybrid flaunts the smell of acidic mint chocolate that you’re hungry for. Its effect is strong and causes total relaxation, and at the same time, a pleasant body buzzes. The high cerebral level is also going to make you talkative.

Choco Haze

This tropical chocolate version will appeal to someone who knows the distinct flavor of Doobdasher Haze. Choco Haze is pure Sativa, with power levels that inspire unseasoned smokers to make it a little easy. Your creativity will be insane because of its euphoric and energy-enhancing effect, perfect if you need motivation or encouragement to finish your projects. However, it is also ideal for social activities.

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